Trivia TWOsday

Q: Last time you had a manicure?

A: About a month ago. I think I will be getting another one soon. My nails look absolutely wretched!

Q: Favorite Fruit?

A: I love just about every fruit imaginable, but if I had to choose, I would pick kiwi. I just love them. I love to eat them with a spoon. Yummy. I'm looking forward to summer and lot and lots of fruit salads... and even fruit salsa!


  1. I hope to go get a manicure soon, but definitely a pedicure before sandal weather gets here! And that's funny that you commented you didn't like cantaloupe on my Trivia TWOsday post, because Kiwi is one fruit that I don't like. :p

  2. Yummy! I haven't had kiwi in forever. :)


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