Linking up today with some mighty awesome ladies!


the hollie rogue

BTW. These photos DO NOT illustrate my ability as a photographer (wanna be photographer, I mean), at all! These were all taken on "Auto" except for the one of my sweet little Sophie, aka Sosi. Anyways, enjoy my random and absurd "joys"!

This one... well you see, if you could only see the guns on me! HAHA! Made me lol when I saw it and had to include it with my joys!

This photos illustrates my love of finding cheap sunglasses! This babies were only $1.00!! eeeekkkkk!

I heart my sista! MUAH!!

LOOK at those eyeS!! Love her!


  1. I found you through living in Yellow! I love the gun show pic! have you got your tickets?! heheh!

    The rest are really fabulous too!

  2. so sweet. i love how you really captured the things that make you happy. thanks so much for linking up today!


  3. Yaaaay thank you for linking up :) you little miss are a fabulous photographer. Love the one of your little girl...and of the gun show :) link up again girl! Happy weekend to ya!

  4. Her eyes are beautiful and so are you!! Love the gun show pic ;) Found you via Living in Yellow, and so glad I did :)


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