I found these among my photo stash on an old flickr account and since September 11th is quickly approaching I figured I would share them with you loverlies!

I took these long before the word DSLR ever entered my ear. I always loved photography but never really had the means of pursuing it until recently. I captured these images with my mom's Sony Cybershot about 3.5 years ago.

We were visiting NYC on the weekend of September 11th and I think some of them are pretty close to tearjerkers. Though they are not of my finest photos, I consider them a stepping stone and a tribute to those who lost their lives on the day our world, as we knew it, was shaken. As you view these, please say a prayer for all the September 11 victims and their families. I would appreciate it!!

Here they are:

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  1. oh my gosh! these are fantastic!!


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