The ups and downs of life.

Well folks, it's been another really {excuse my language} shitty week. By baby sister's good friend committed suicide last Sunday. He was severely depressed but no one saw the signs. My sister is devastated as one would probably guess. Now, one would also guess that was enough bad news for one week, only to find out my uncle, who is in his mid/late 30's is not expected to live to see 2012.

My uncle, Marky, has a really bad heart. He was born with a massive hole in his heart, among other issues. A few years ago he had to have a pace maker and a defibrillator placed in his chest due to his -for a lack of better terms- crappy, heart. This week my grandfather called and informed my Aunt's husband that Marky was having problems and they came to the conclusion that it was because the battery in these two machines is dying. To make matters worse, my poor uncle is MR and does not fully understand the magnitude of the situation, supposedly tells my {nutjob} grandma that 'he doesn't want to have surgery'. It doesn't seem to be in good taste to call my own grandmother a nutjob, but ladies it's the truth. She needs psychological help but refuses to admit that she has a problem, thus pushing her family away by causing conflicts at family gatherings.


Come to find out, they already made his funeral arrangements! Can you frickin believe this? I know that my mom and I can't. I mean who does that? You think the woman would force him to have the surgery. But what can we do?

On top or the death of my poor sister's friend, and the news of my uncle's lingering death, I also have to worry about finding a job.

I have had 2 interviews so far. The one I turned down and the other one was today and I will not find anything out for about 1.5-2 weeks. Only to find out whether I have been selected as one of the top 3 candidates and have to go back in for an interview with the owners of the business. Ay yi yi!!

I still have about 3 weeks left at my job before I'm officially done and Lord knows I am trying so hard to not stress about it. Matt insists that we can survive on his income but I don't (if I don't have to) want to 'survive'. I want to be able to do the things we love. I mean, were only young once, right?

Oh well. That's life.

Good news is that I have my Notre Dame tickets for sale on Ebay and I already have 2 bids! Hopefully they'll sell high!

Enough whining from me for today. I'm off to take a nap before Matt get's home at 11:15.


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