10 WEEKS :)

how far along? 10 weeks
baby’s size: about the size of a kumquat.
weight gain: I lost another 6 pounds in 4 weeks (I think total- 15 pounds).
maternity clothes? Yes, however, the size I have are still a little big. Big is better than being too tight.
stretch marks? Nope, too early
sleep? I have good nights and bad nights.
best moment this week? Ordering most of my cloth diaper stash, thanks to Great Grandpa H!
food cravings: Pizza Hut deep dish pizza. It was my first official craving. Damn it tasted good! Thanks hubby for being such a sport!
gender: Too early.
belly button in or out? In
movement? Too early.
what I miss? Being able to move my bowels.
what I'm looking forward to: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat next month
weekly wisdom: I cannot think of anything… lame I know.

I went to my monthly appointment this week fully anticipating that we would get to listen for the baby's heartbeat. I wasn't just conjuring these ideas in my mind- it's what the receptionist told me to expect for my appointment when I called the day before. She also mentioned that if they couldn't hear the heartbeat then they would do an ultrasound. I was looking forward to seeing/hearing my precious little baby, and gaining a little bit of confidence that he/she is still tucked healthily inside me. Boy was I disappointed.

I didn't get to do either of those things.

It's not that I'm not happy about the appointment, because I'm so incredibly thankful that it was a good visit. However, I think it's safe to say that most first time moms experience a little bit of nervousness and anxiety in the beginning because we've never been through this before.

It doesn't help since the bleeding escapade that occurred at the beginning of my pregnancy. Because of that experience, miscarriage is always in the back of my mind. Needless to say, I am a prayer machine!

I am very much looking forward to next month's appointment when we will finally get to hear our baby's heartbeat.

In more exciting news, Great Grandpa H has gernerously purchase about 95% of my cloth diaper stash. After MUCH research I decided to purchase the following diapers:
12 Kissaluv Size 0
12 Newborn Bumgenius
18 OS Bumgenius 4.0 (I got a steal on these! Buy 2 get 1 free)

Plus the other two my mother-in-law has already purchased (1 NB Bumgenius and 1 OS Itti Bitti)

I still need to invest in the following:
4 Thirsties Covers
hemp doublers/inserts

If any of you cloth diapering mamma's want to chime in on any must needed items, please feel free to give me suggestions! They're always appreciated!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. oh wow! awesome stash!!! that's so great your fam is helping :)


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