12 Weeks

rather... 3 months!
3 months seems so much further along than 12 weeks!
Here is my weekly update!

how far along? 12 weeks (this past Friday)
baby’s size: about the size of a plum
weight gain: I don’t know. I’ll find out next week (the 20th)
maternity clothes? I bought a pair of maternity jeans that actually fit me and I practically live in them (when I'm not at work or in sweatpants)!
stretch marks? Nope, too early
sleep? Wonderful. I have been sleeping on the couch though.
best moment this week? Spending time with Matt’s family.
food cravings: A Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich from Burger King.
Yeah, I gave into my craving too. It was INCREDIBLE!
gender: About 6 weeks until we find out. I.CANNOT.WAIT!
belly button in or out? In
movement? Too early.
what I miss? Eaing 3 meals/day. (I’m ready for this to change!)
what I'm looking forward to: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat on the 20th.
weekly wisdom: If you’re sick and you only have one craving… give into it. You will be SO glad you did ☺ Thank you BK for serving me the biggest meal I have eaten in weeks.
I love you!

Here I am this week...

If you look back at my first few weeks, you will notice that the weight has poured off of me. Pray that I can start eating more than one meal. I just hope and pray it's not affecting the baby.

In other baby-related news...

Claire Marie is, officially, our "if the baby is a girl" name.
Claire (actually Clair) was my great-grandfather's middle name. He was an awesome person and it's a name that I've always wanted to use if I were to be blessed with a little girl. Marie is my Mother-in-law's middle name and she's a pretty awesome person too :)
I won the "In-Law" lottery (if there is such thing).
Mine are truly wonderful. I wouldn't change anything
about our relationship and that's rare.

The "if the baby is a boy" name is still up in the air. I absolutely adore the name Cooper and Matt really likes it too, but he's not completely sold. Initially we chose Cooper Matthew but he's having second guesses. That being said, we are considering the name Cooper Bishop. Cooper is not a family name, just a name that we stumbled across one day, even before I was pregnant. Bishop, on the other hand, is his grandfather's middle name, which was also his (grandpa's) mother's maiden name. Got that??
I would be honored to name my child after one of the most generous, loving, and funny
(I might add) people I've ever met.
Grandpa is the one who footed the bill for baby H's cloth diapers.

We also decided on the design of the dresser for baby H's nursery. Jack, a friend of Matt's parents, will be making it for us. This, too, is a gift from Grandpa H.
This is the design:

Ana White

Ours, however, will be stained, not painted.

Ooooo yeah... there's a mouse in my house.
No, seriously, there's a mouse in my house.
I almost had a heart attack about 10 minutes ago when it went running across my living room floor. We set 3 traps tonight. Please Lord, let Matt wake up to find it in the trap.
{sorry Mr. Mouse if you are reading this, but you were not invited into my house and you certainly are not allowed to stay. your days are numbered.}

If you are reading this, you deserve a cookie and I love you!

I hope you have a super awesome and blessed Sunday!

Grow baby grow!

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