Preparing Prefold Cloth Diapers

I took advantage of the beautiful weather today and prepped my prefold cloth diapers. As I mentioned before, I initially didn't consider using prefolds as they seemed like too much work. However, I did some research and became a little more enlightened on the prefold pros and cons.
Yeah, they aren't quite as convenient as an all-in-one or pocket diaper, but they a lot easier than I imagined and way too inexpensive to not give them a try. I bought 20 prefolds at $1.50 a pop. So for 30 bucks (plus the cost of the Snappis and covers) I got 20 super absorbent diapers. Granted, I haven't used them on a human but the prefold paired with the cover are much slimmer than a fitted and cover.
I put them on my stuffed animal dog.
Don't laugh.
I have to practice somehow!!

Here are the steps to prepping a prefold diaper:

1. Boil water in as large of a pot as you have- the bigger the pot, the more diapers you can fit in it (duh!).

I used 2 because it takes even less time. I had a huge pot and a godzilla pot. Needless to say, it only took me 1 round to do my diapers.

2. Take your prefolds and put them in the boiling water.

3. Let them 'cook' for anywhere from 20-30 minutes. The longer you boil them the better. (I did mine for 25 minutes.)

Okay seriously people, I felt like Charlie Bucket's mom (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)! I was standing over 2 huge pots of steaming cloth diapers stirring them with a huge wooden spoon. All I could think about was the part of the movie when Charlie is depressed and feeling bad and his mommma sings "Cheer Up Charlie". If you don't know what I'm talking about. Get yourself out from up that rock... haha just kidding.

Anyhow, back to 'how to prep your prefold diapers'

4. When times up take each one out using tongs and be careful! Those bad boys are H.O.T hot! I used a laundry basket lined with a couple of towels.

5. Wash in hot water (I didn't use any detergent because I don't have any that is cloth diaper-friendly).

6. Dry on high heat.

7. They now look like this

If I had a baby to put these on I would be good to go!
One more thing checked off my list.

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