Carseats in Grocery Cart Seats

I came across this today and felt the need to share it with all of you ladies who are gearing up for your first baby. Please take the time to read it. I never really thought twice about placing an infant car seat one the shopping cart. You know the place where older toddlers sit, rather where I set my purse, eggs, bread and other delicate purchases. It seems like everyone with a baby at the supermarket does it and I just assumed it was safe. Thinking about it now, I probably would have done it too. Thanks to the courage of this woman, a mom who learned a very valuable lesson the hard way, I know that it's not safe to position my baby's infant seat there. I will not be putting Claire's seat on the shopping cart.
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  1. This is great, Erikka. Each of those shopping carts are different and some fit your car seat just fine, and others not well at all. I had a moment when Tyler was little that I thought his car seat was on fine and after pushing it around for a while I heard it click, like it finally clicked into place! It really freaked me out and after that I started taking him in his stroller and using the bottom area underneath for groceries! Or if it was a bigger trip I'd wait until my husband could be there. It's just not worth your baby getting hurt!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Erikka!


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