for the love of our dog!

Murphy received his annual summer shave down last week and he's been such a cuddle bug since. We think he gets super uncomfortable when his hair gets long and the temps go above 75 degrees. We realize that a shaven Wheaten isn't the very appealing, but it's all about comfort when it comes to his summer hair-do. We had a lazy morning yesterday and Murphy snuggled right up with Matt on the couch where he made himself very comfortable. haha
Yes, his front paw is smashed up against Matt's forehead! haha It was soo incredibly funny to see him lay this way. It isn't unusual for Murph to sleep with his paws up in the air but it's hysterical how he makes himself comfortable at the expense of our comfort sometimes.

 Seeing Matty and Murphy all lovey dovey really makes me anticipate Claire's arrival even more. I see how much Matt cares for and loves Murph and I cannot imagine how much he will love our baby girl. It really makes my heart happy, knowing that Claire is going to have such an awesome, wonderful, and loving daddy. I had a very strong bond with my dad growing up, and still call him 'daddy' most of the time. There was no doubt that I was a daddy's girl :) I'm fairly certain that this little girl is going to be head over heels for her daddy.
Not for much longer!

It also makes me think about how Murphy is going to act when Claire comes home. Every day I will tell Murph, "go to Claire's room", and up the stairs he'll go, trotting sweetly into her nursery. He typically lays at my feet when I sit in the glider and read to the baby. I'm sure he'll do the same when she comes. He's always been super sweet around small children, something I find interesting. Even as a VERY wild puppy, he would immediately settle/calm down in the presence of small children. He wouldn't jump or be over-sniffy/kissy. I've been trying to do my best to break away from coddling him so much. We still share time together but he's really become a much more independent dog since I've become pregnant- due to the fact I couldn't stand the smell of his breath for the first 4 months and wasn't allowed to lay on or even too close to me. 

I'm hoping and praying he adjusts easily to Claire's arrival.

Happy Tuesday!

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    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily


  2. what a sweet puppy :) It will be a big adjustment that will take time, but I'm sure he'll be just fine.

  3. Thanks Erin. We think so ;)

    And we certainly hope he will adjust well, but aren't expecting it to be overnight, though that would be fabulous!


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