What's in the bags?

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have my hospital bags all packed and ready to go! I do still have a couple of last minute things that I will get together when it time comes, and I still have a few things to pick up at the store, but for the most part they're ready to rock when this baby decides to come!

Here's what we have in our bags...

This is what I call my "at hand bag". It's the bag I will have beside my bed. It houses the following on the outside:
1. A few headbands
2. Deodorant and lotion for back/foot rubs
3. Shampoo, brush, and hair ties
4. Body wash ( this and the lotion are all Bath & Body Works Sleep Aromatherapy collection, cinnamon and vanilla, I think)
5. Camera and Ipod chargers

What you cannot see are the pockets on the other side- I have some nursing pads and my Point and Shoot camera tucked in them.
The contents of my "at hand bag" include the following:
1. Wireless Ipod charger
2. (2) Copies of my birth plan
3. Ipod loaded with a slew of both inspirational and ass-kicking music
4. On the Night You Were Born book. {I have been reading this book to Claire since like February and it will be one of my points of focus during labor and I also plan on reading it to her after she's born and while we're in the hospital.} 

I will also be packing my laptop in this bag. I will be in the hospital for at least 2 days so I will need something to do during  the day, or at least that's what I think ;) I plan on bringing a couple of movies for during labor, something to try to keep my focus away from labor, I'm thinking Don't Mess With the Zohan will have to be rented/bought because it's pretty much the funniest movie ever. {i have a bad sense of humor!}

My aunt bought this for me and I absolutlely love it. I was so undecided on which diaper bag to purchase. At first, I really wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom but I was not about to shell out $175 for a diaper bag. I passed up on a beautiful Skip Hop messenger bag at a discount store (for like $16) when I first found out I was pregnant and I spent a lot of time kicking myself in the butt for it. In the end it all worked out and I couldn't be happier. It's plenty big for everything I will need for cloth diapering and yet it's not sooo big that I will end up over-stuffing it with unnecessary items. Here's what's inside Claire's diaper bag...

1. Wipes
2. Nursing Pads
3. Pacifier- Avent Soothies
4. Disposable diapers {only for the first few days. once the meconium stage has subsided we'll move straight into her newborn cloth diapers. once that happens we will have a couple of bumgenius all-in-one newborn diapers in the place of disposables, as well as a small wetbag.}
5. Coming home outfits & hat
6. Lotion & baby powder

1. 3 month coming home outfit
2. Newborn coming home outfit
3. Hat

Since I have no idea how big this little one will be when she's born, I decided it would be wise to bring a newborn AND 3 month outfit. A hat will keep her little body warm when we leave the hospital.

{OMG, I cannot believe the professionals at the hospital let you just leave with your baby. the concept, for some reason, is so hard for me to grasp. i feel like we should be required to take some sort of common sense and parenting 101 classes before they let us take our baby out of the hospital. anyone else feel like this, or am i completely nuts?!?!}

This is the clothing bag, the name is rather self-explanatory, but if not, read on and you will get a glimpse of what it contains!

1. Tank tops, cotton long-sleeved shirt/wrap & cotton skirt
2. Sports bra
3. Underwear- brief style
4. Socks (and I even packed the pair of non-slip ones I acquired while in the hospital a few weeks ago}

Since I plan on wearing my own clothes during labor, I have a couple extra articles of clothing. The tank tops are for walking through the halls, if I end up doing so. In my mind I will labor in my sports bra and skirt. This will make it easy for me to get in and out of the tub and will allow my midwife to easily check my progress and intermittently monitor baby Claire throughout labor. If I do decide to roam the halls, I can throw a tank top on over my bra and if I get cold, I have the long-sleeved shirt thingy if, in the rare event, I get cold.

1. Nursing top and comfy/silky capris
2. Nursing nightgown

My mom got these for me when she was up because she said I would need something "nice to wear" after giving birth! haha I love her. I also have another open-front sweatshirt thingy to wear post labor.

1. Shoes for coming home :)
2. (1) cotton swaddle and (1) fleece swaddle
3. Several pairs of socks
4. Swaddle blanket (aden & anais) for coming home- to cover her in the care seat.
5. Head bands

Her gown for her hospital photo. She'll also be donning one of the headbands shown above. This was another shower gift from my aunt. I just think it's absolutely precious.

1. Sleeping gowns.
I think these will be the easiest to maneuver on a newborn and should keep her nice and toasty when paired with a pair of socks and a swaddle. I have a feeling that these will be my best friend when it comes to bedtime :)

I will also be packing a toothbrush, toothpaste, my pillow, a boppy, gatorade, snacks for both Matty and I, a goody basket for the nurses, back massager (we're still currently using this bad boy daily), Matt's things, and my Canon DSLR & lenses.

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  1. Great bags! I will be doing my "bags" post shortly too. I can't believe we are at the point where we need to have packed bags... is this even possible? :) (Also, would it be possible for me to have your email addy? I'd love to be able to respond regularly to you!) ;)

  2. I certainly cannot believe it's that time already, I mean WOW! I'm so ready for this little one to come but it's crazy how quickly the last 8 months have gone by! Sure, it's henretta07 at gmail dot com

  3. precious little outfits! Can't believe how close you are :)

    1. thanks erin. i'm more than ready to dress her up in all the foofy, frilly things!

  4. You are so ready! Hard to believe it's bag packing time for you already, and 10 weeks from now, I'll be in your shoes! Wow!

    1. I AM SO ready! haha They've been partially packed for quite some time but haven't had the energy to photograph everything and write a blog post... yeah, i've been a HUGE slacker!
      Those 10 weeks will fly right by, I promise.


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