1 week

 1 week old
My goodness gracious, where did the first week go baby girl? I'm not sure I know... but I can say that it flew by quicker than I could have ever imagined. You are so healthy, so your pediatrician says. You eat like a true Henretta and are changing your looks each and every day. Your daddy and I are so truly and madly in love with you. Not only have we managed to expand our hearts in order to fit all the love we have for you, we also had to make room for the new love we have for one another.

You are so strong already. Since you were two days old, you've been lifting your head all by yourself and you are so aware of everything around you. You love to be swaddled but the walls come down if mommy accidentally swaddles your hannies (hands)... you have to have your arms loose so you can suck on your sweet little hannies. You don't really like to be by yourself- you want to be held all the time and that's a-okay, except for at night. Mommy needs her beauty sleep too Claire Marie!

Your cheeks are still as chubby as they were the day you were born and I just cannot seem to get enough of them. Numm num num! I've been slathering you with baby oil because your lil body is so dry, especially your tootsies and hannies. Nanny had to go shopping for you because you are too small for all of your clothes. She bought you lots of cute outfits! Too bad you despise getting your clothes changed. Hopefully that will fade because once you can fit into 0-3 your going to have your clothes changed more frequently.

When you were 3 days old, we stated putting your cloth diapers on you. Your lil bum looks so cute! We still use disposables at night, but once this pack is done you will only be wearing cloth. We love love love Bumgenius Newborn diapers- they fit the absolute best. I'm hoping that I will start liking the way the kissaluv/prefolds and thirsties covers fit on your lil body.

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