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Apparently blogging hasn't been very high on my priority list, but I certainly do miss it! I start work in less than 2 weeks and I'm so sad that I will have to leave Claire. The only time we are apart is when she is sleeping. I have enjoyed every single moment since she's been born. Luckily she'll be home with daddy for the whole month of December (he's still not back to work). However, she will not take a bottle and I'm growing more and more anxious everyday thinking about her reaction to not being able nurse while I'm away. Good news is that I only work about 4 hours each day, so perhaps she'll learn to hold out for me and nurse the moment I walk through the door.

While we're on the subject, any of you breastfeeding, working moms have any advice on how to get my little Claire to take a bottle? We've tried, as of now, four different kinds/brands of bottles and she hasn't liked a single one. Matt tried while I was out of the room, propping her up against his knees, grandma tried, and still no interest. She also will not take a pacifier, we've tried several brands of these as well. She does, however, suck on her hands which sometimes soothes her. Overall, she loves milk straight from the tap and will only pacify on me... she won't even suck my pinky as others have suggested.

I will not complain because she is a super happy baby. Since she's been born, she's only had 2 crying fits and they weren't as bad as I think they could have been. She's an absolute angel ;) {perhaps i'm slightly bias?}

She loves to lay in her crib and look at the tree decal on her wall. She'll stare at the wall and her mobile and will chatter for about 45 minutes or so. Claire also loves laying on her changing table. Whether she's naked or fully clothed, she talks and squeals with mamma! Evidence:

looking at her mobile

she spotted me... well actually the camera!
 Claire's first Thanksgiving was a hit! We drove home and spent a few days with our families. She was an absolute trooper. I was so worried she would be fussy due to the fact that everything was new and foreign, but she was her happy ol' self. She wore a beautiful 'Happy Thanksgiving dress' (that's what we called her dress) from Old Navy.
Happy Thanksgiving! with her Great Grandma Marzucco!
 We put up our Christmas tree last night and we got Claire dressed in her Christmas fleece footie jimjams (that what we call pajamas) but she cried because she was too hot so we put on her "Santa's little helper" onsie for the festivities! We were so excited to add her "first Christmas" ornament on our tree. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.
Product View
her first ornament from Hallmark

She was dressed up and ready to help put up the Christmas tree :)

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  1. Claire is so precious! And she has some amazing porcelain looking skin! Lucky girl! :)
    We have some video very similar getting Summer to show me her tongue! ;)

    1. It hasn't always looked that way. She had so very bad (severe) baby acne and we use Johnson & Johnson diaper rash cream on it a couple times a day and before bed to keep it looking soft and pretty :)

      Babies are so smart, I am learning! I love all the little things she does!

  2. Anonymous11/28/2012

    my baby girl wouldn't take a bottle for 3 days when she started daycare and then the 4th day she took it no problem. Don't worry if she doesn't though some babies do something called reverse cycling (kellymom.com/bf/normal/reverse-cycling/) and it's totally normal. good luck!

    1. Oh thanks so much for that link! She already cluster feeds, starting around 6 or so every night, until she falls asleep, typically around 9. So hopefully she'll just take the bottle! We are going to do a "trial run" next week- I'm going to leave the house for a while just like I'm going to do when I go back to work, but not as long. Hopefully that will help us all adjust a little easier :)


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