A few favorites

Here are some of the things that Claire has loved thus far. 
I threw a couple of my favorite products in too!
Click the product names if you want more information!
She loved the little black and white dots on the wheels when she was super little and now she watches the whole thing! The one pictured is the one we have but there is a new design on the market.
These are an absolute staple in any baby's wardrobe. They're soft and comfy cozy! Matt has a hard time with tops that go over her head and these are perfect for when they are alone. They are good for both bedtime and going out and about. I usually pair a headband with one when we go out! These are so much more practical than other articles of clothing because they are no-fuss-- nothing to keep rearranging/fixing.
Santa brought Claire a Cheetah wrap for Christmas. It's furry and luxurious! They are so much thicker than the ones you buy at the big box store, which means baby stays dry and warm. Bath wraps are worth the splurge and I'll be ordering more in the future.
I held this lullaby seahorse to my stomach every night before bed and when Claire was born it would soothe her. The nurses at the hospital were shocked when she stopped crying when I played it. She still enjoys listening to it and stares at the glowing belly when we turn it on for her.
Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss? This book is from the Nursery Collection and features pull tabs and exciting and bright illustrations. It has a good moral to the story too! Claire loves the rhyming.
6. Bumbo
I started setting Claire in this a little earlier than recommended but she has had great neck control since day one. I would set her in for just a minute or two, keeping my hands close to her head in case she got tired from holding it up. She sits in it for longer periods but only when I am sitting directly beside her.
WOW! This toy is so silly! It's soft like the Sophie but the squeak is much more shrill. Claire thinks it's funny so we keep it around the house for her... Matt on the other hand, hates it!
Claire got this for Christmas and it is my saving grace! She will lay on this for over an hour sometimes. I fully contribute her new found reaching ability to this toy. It features a mirror that looks down on baby and lots of toys to keep baby busy and entertained. Not to mention the keyboard at their toes! Perfect for babies with busy feet!
Claire just recently started liking her Sophie. While most of her other toys are still a little too heavy, this one light enough for her to pick up and play with. She hasn't figured out how to make it squeak, and that's okay with momma and daddy!
Another piece of equipment that I started using sooner than recommended. But it really helped her with her neck and back muscles. She isn't a fan of tummy time so I put her in this and put some small hand towels around her to support her. Once again, we started out in really small time intervals and have made our way to not having anything in the seat but Claire. She love the lights and the music.
Same as the other book- silly with bright colors. This one is more of a tongue twister which will help your child when he/she starts to read. There are some interesting touchy/feely tabs along the side of the book that correlate with the story.
We have this for her carseat when it's dark out. She likes to watch it blink :)
Ohh how she loves this set! The big "diamond" ring is her favorite and is our go to toy in the car when she's upset. It's really reflective/shiny and makes loads of rattling noises!
These make diaper changes a breeze, and they’re adorable too! Pair with a onsie and you're good to go! If it's cold, throw on a pair of socks!
Another item Santa brought for Christmas! This is my far one of my favorite items of all! It's so incredibly soft on one side and fuzzy, furry on the other! We use this all the time for photo shoots, cuddle time, and nap time.
We have used these since Claire was a couple days old and we love them! She is currently only wearing them during the day as they are getting too small and don't provide the leak protection we need for nighttime.
This is our nighttime diaper and soon to be full time diaper. We love these because they're pocket diaper which means you add as much absorbency as your baby needs. During the day, perhaps one insert will suffice, if not add another! These are great too because they dry much quicker than all-in-one diapers.

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