What's in the diaper bag?

Here's our diaper bag- it's pretty straight forward. It has one big, open pocket and then one zipper pocket and two smaller pockets. Before I got this I was debating between a similar Coach bag, a Petunia Pickle Bottom, or JJ Cole. I will admit that I really liked the PPB but I knew that I was never going to shell out the $$$ for it. You may call me cheap but I like to think of it as being frugal... or sensible. Who really needs a $200 dollar diaper bag? Not me, that's for sure. Since Claire has been born I've come to know exactly what we need in our diaper bag. Here's what we take each time we leave our house.
The scarf was something I already owned and decided that it looked cuter on here than on my purse
(I do have some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer on the loop-do thingy around the straps.}
Necessities- Changing pad, burp rag, bib, lotion, and nursing cover.

Toys- A couple books & 2 teethers. The books are 'I Kissed the Baby' and 'Hello Baby' and are both high contrast which are great for newborns. Claire still loves to look at them. You can find more info about the teethers here.

Diapering- Huggies wipes, Bumgenius 4.0 Diaper, and Bummis Wetbag

Mommy's things- Wallet, chapstick, Kleenex's, & sunglasses

I keep an extra diaper and set of clothes in a designated bag that stays in my car. I am super glad for the smaller size of my diaper bag because it limits me from over-packing it, which is something I would be guilty of if I had the opportunity :) There you have it... Claire's diaper bag & it's contents.

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