My Valentine

Valentine's Day is usually just another day in our house. We don't typically get each other over-the-top, mooshy-gooshy gifts. We do however, give each other a sweet card and usually go out for a nice dinner. Well this year will be a little different. There still won't be any gift exchanges and we most likely won't go for dinner. But, this year involves something so much better... and that's our little Valentine! She, on the other hand, will be given a couple gifts to celebrate this lovey-dovey holiday! I ordered her 3 new books (of course!) They are:



And it wouldn't be a special occassion without a super dooper adorable photoshoot with lil miss! Here are a couple of her from today! She hasn't been herself lately so there aren't any smiles :( but nonetheless-- Enjoy :)

and a black and white conversion

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