new blog name!

i changed the name of the ol blog again tonight. i like fresh and new. i think it will stay 'the life of lil miss' until i have a reason to change it. like, a new arrival...

we'll see where the next few months take us.
i still need to create a new button & signature but that will have to wait for another time. for now i'm off to sleep, it's 12:30 am folks!



  1. love what you've done around here :)

    ok - seriously. you're inspiring me to give my blog a facelift. help me!

    a. first of all - when do you find time to blog?!??
    b. how do you get all the cool buttons, tags and stuff over on the right?
    c. how did you make your banner? picasa? mine sucks! i couldn't figure out all the right measurements, etc.
    d. do you use picasa to make her favorite things too? and just pull the pics off websites?

    i need a serious blogger tutorial!! :) :)

    1. Thanks so much darling!
      a. I have been working on it at night when Matt leaves for work, and of course lil miss is tucked sweetly in her crib ;)
      b. Those are def. in the works right now. I got the "follow me" sign from shabbyblogs.com but I think I'm going to make my own in photoshop, which is where I made my button. The Social Media buttons are from primpbyblog.com (link here: http://www.hernewleaf.com/2012/01/31/primp-my-blog-how-to-add-social-media-buttons-to-your-sidebar/)
      c. I used to use picasa, but I removed it from my computer (takes up too much room to just use it to make blogger banners!). I made this banner using www.ribbet.com. I used the collage option and then added text to it after my photos were in place.
      d. For her favorite things, I use a app on my ipad called 'collage' it was free and it super easy to use.

      let me know if you need help with anything, i would be happy to give you any help I can offer. Good luck :)

    2. THANK YOU! I'm sure I'll have more questions for you once I get home and start working on it. ;)

    3. you know how to contact me ;)

    4. ugh... i just played around with it but im so frustrated! i cant get the banner to fit! and i dont know why there are white boxes around only some of my text. im seriously blogger challenged! :/ and dont even get me started on the buttons...lol


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