Next Time Around

Since Matt and I are already talking about babe #2 I thought it might be fun to share what I plan on doing (and not doing) next time around.

I will:
Spend the extra money for good towels.
Now, if you know me at all, then you know that I'm all about saving a buck. So why on earth would I      spend $20+ on one baby towel? Because, my darlings, the cheaper ones are MUCH too thin. They get wet quick and therefore leaves baby cold and shivering. Not good, at all! I've invested (yes, invested) in 2 Pottery Barn baby towels and they're so worth the money. They're thick enough to keep her dry & warm and are shaped differently than most other square, hooded towels, which makes it easier to keep baby wrapped up like a burrito!
Buy tons of good burp cloths.
I didn't buy a single burp cloth. Seriously, zero! I read all about Aden & Anais's burp cloths and how amazing they were. Being the cheap-skate that I am, I refused to spend the dough on them. Next time I will invest (there's that word again!) in a few Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs as they function as both burp and cloths & bibs! Two in one! Double score. I will def stock up on the cloth diaper prefolds as well.
Purchase lots of good bibs.
Claire goes through 5-6 bibs a day. Between spit up and drool, this baby knows how to destroy her bibs ;) The bibs with the plasticky center are the best. I despise cotton only bibs (doesn't keep her shirt from getting soaked), as well as the ones with plastic on the back (too crinkly). I have a few Child of  Mine brand bibs that I love.
Only buy tops that snap at crotch.
This pertains mostly to small baby clothes, like anything 0-9 months. Seriously, free flowing shirts are a pain in the wazoo. Same goes for dresses and skirts. Must have bloomer attached!

I wont:
Buy a bunch of fancy schmany clothes 0-3.
You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff that Claire has only worn for 3 minutes due to it's impracticality. All the beautiful dresses and jumpers and shirts. Holy moley! Dresses are great as long as they snap at the crotch, otherwise you spend so much time pulling everything down.
Purchase Baby Shoes
I may buy a pair of Baby Uggs, but only because I've read so many good reviews about them actually staying on. It would all boil down to his/her during the winter months because it gets quite nippy here in NW Pennsylvania.
Worry about sleeping when the baby sleeps.
I felt really guilty after Claire was born when I would sleep instead of clean or do laundry. I felt like it was my motherly duty to keep the house in order. I credit my stubbornness on my reason for coming down with Mastitis. Next time I will sleep any time I get an opportunity... Especially since I will be caring for 2 children.
Freak out when my hair is falling out in large proportions at once. 
Now that I've undergone one term of post partum, I know that hair will be falling out at alarming rates. A little advice: don't get your haircut due to the loss because it doesn't help. You'll just be mad at yourself for cutting off all of the beautiful hair you very much loved, and your hair will still be clogging the drain when you shower!

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