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wow! it has been a million and one days since i've blogged. my life in the past two months has been in extreme fast forward. like, it's seriously cray cray these days! claire is such an amazing little girl, but she is so darn busy!

she's everywhere... crawling like a mad woman, pulling herself up onto anything and everything- she doesn't even need something to hold on to-- a wall is just as easy to stand up against as the couch or loveseat. this week she started walking with her push walker. lord have mercy!

she is so so smart (if i do say so myself)! she's already signing people! she knows the following signs: more, all done, milk, hello, goodbye, & blows kisses. she seriously blows.my.mind! she seems to be getting close to signing 'eat' because she signs it after i show her. we are working on the following signs: eat, diaper, no, and thank you. of course she doesn't understand what 'thank you' means yet, but i am trying to teach her by asking to see whatever she is playing with, taking it from her (politely) and then saying & signing 'thank you'. we'll see how she does over the next few weeks.

ohh goodness, and this little girl... she's so silly! she loves to watch us and she imitates us all.the.time. she will imitate us when we stick our tongues out, make a fish face, blow raspberries, and 'click' our tongues. when she does, she thinks it's so funny and smiles super wide :D she knows the following people's names: momma, dadda, murphy, kiki (her kitty blabla doll), uncle bobby, and poppa. when we are where someone is she will look at them and smile. it is the sweetest thing EVER!

we have been half-assing sleep training. mostly i just nurse her and put her to bed, and if she wakes up in the process of me laying her down, i just let her cry it out. it was so hard the first few nights but it has gotten so much easier as the nights have went by.

i am in full party planning mode. our inspiration is our blabla doll, Kiki and we'll be doing a whimsical princess/ballerina party. i'm looking forward to her cake smash photo session! i found an old wooden highchair that i'm going to fix up. eeek! so much fun is about to commence. bittersweet though because i cannot believe how quickly time is going by :(

in other news...

matt's arm is in bad shape again and is probably going to have to have surgery a third time. we are beyond stressed about it. however, the pain and weakness that he's experiencing has to be taken care of before he is unable to use it at all. at this point we are just hoping praying for a miracle healing. say one for him, please? i just don't know why this happened once i was off for the summer and not bringing home any moola. God certainly has been testing us and i hope we are making him proud by letting him guide us and direct us. it's hard to let go of things, especially when it comes to matt's health and well-being.

good news is that i will be going back to work in august, and working until the new year and then i'll be student teaching!! i am so incredibly excited to be done with college... the end is in sight! waahoo!

well friends, i hope to be back before too long, if not keep up with me on instagram :)

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  1. i got so excited to see your post... but then i read it and know all that stuff already!! ;) xxo


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