catching up.

a few weeks have went by since i shared our little secret and while i really don't have intentions of doing weekly updates like i did with claire, i would like to periodically check in with an update. i am also going to try blogging a little more. its hard with everything i'm up to but it is something i enjoy and i really need to start doing a thing or two for myself.

i hit the big ol' 13 weeks on monday, which means we're almost though the first trimester. waahoo! im still sick sick sick! i literally at 4 baby carrots, 2 celery {single} stalks, half and apple and some tortilla chips yesterday. i force myself to drink water when i can stomach it. i don't throw up, but most days i wonder if i should just force myself to... perhaps i might feel better? 

we had our monthly checkup with my midwife and we got to hear our little pumpkin's heartbeat. it still hasn't hit me that this time next year i'll be toting around a 19 month old AND a 6 month old babe. 

we celebrated claire's birthday with a big party (must upload some pictures to share) and it was the perfect fall day. we have been busy with playing outside in the sunshine and leaves, visiting pumpkin patches and enjoying claire. speaking of her, that little girl is smart as a whip. i'm sure every parent thinks that, but goodness gracious! she amazes me on a daily bases. i swear she talks like an older toddler and the things/mannerisms she exhibits is unreal. for example, the other day she spilled her cheerios... she cleaned them up... without me asking her to! like where on earth did she learn that?! 

matt taught her how to "jump" and it's the funniest/cutest thing EEE VAAA! she kinda just bends her legs and then stands up really straight, really quickly. ahh haha funny stuff peeps! she also started saying "hi" this past week and it's so stinkin' adorable. she says it in the most high pitched, girliest voice   i've ever heard.

we recently started teaching her animal noises and she seems to be picking up on them rather quickly. she can moo like a cow, pant like a dog (adorable!), and ah ah ahh like a monkey thus far. when i ask her "what does a duck say" she tell me "du du du" (duck duck duck). ohh the warmth she brings to my heart!

well folks, i think that's about all i have for tonight. i have to go fold about 5 loads of laundry. i've already decided that it's not going to get put away tonight, but i'm going to at least get it folded and ready for matt to take upstairs {he doesn't let me take things up and down the steps... other than claire}.

goodnight {or good day} friends!

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