Pregnancy: this time around

i'm going to preface this by saying that i feel as every bit blessed by this pregnancy as i did when i was pregnant with claire. please believe this.

but lets be honest here.

the excitement and all the magic i felt when i was pregnant with claire is something i just cant seem to achieve this time around. it's not because i'm less happy or anything of the sort, but i think it has more to do with the fact that i have a child to care for. i don't have time to sit and daydream about my growing baby.

we wanted this pregnancy, and it happened after only trying a couple of times. i think i had my post-pregnancy period three times and then BOOM! it happened exactly when we wanted and we were thrilled. matt's reaction was fantastic (a lot better than the last time) and we've been thrilled since.

the weeks are flying by. seriously, flying by. i cannot even begin to believe that i'm going to be 18 weeks {in 3 days} and that we are going to find out baby's sex in 11 days!

i started feeling sick at 5.5 weeks {the exact same time i did with claire} and just recently started feeling better within the last couple of weeks. i've lost about 16 pounds and my appetite is yet to return. when i do eat, it's garbage. i do enjoy bananas, oranges, and clementines on a daily basis  :)

remember how exhausted you were when you were pregnant?! now try to imagine that times infinity. seriously, infinity. thankfully claire started sleeping through the night a few days after i stopped nursing her- she was right about 11.5 months. i still need to take a nap when i get home from work. if i don't get that nap, oh brother, all hell breaks loose.

i feel bad because not only is my energy not returning, i'm feeling more and more bitchy cranky each day. this causes me to be more impatient, even with my sweet little girl. makes me feel like the worst mother ever. ugh.

here's a bump shot from monday, it's a bit grainy because i took it with my ipad but oh well!

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  1. Excited to be your newest follower!!! Congrats on baby two, Claire is a doll!!!! :)



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