Look at my new treasure!

Today I had to run to Bradford to get a few more groceries. I went to Save-a-lot and got what I needed there but had half an hour to spare before I met Matt. So I went into Goodwill to see what I could see and maybe buy! After my rounds I decided to look at the picture frames.

And look what I found!

I think the price tag on it was like .69 and it was half off. Hooray! So for like .35 I got an amazing print (which by the way, has a copyright date of 1923). Im going to be doing some research on the name on it- Knaffi & Bro.

It was in an old frame, which was kind of nice but it smelled like oil, or something else rather foul. So I took it out and pitched it after I tried to clean it for about 10 minutes.

One day when you find out we're having a little Henretta I will have a frame made for it. Until then I will keep it somewhere safe where it can naturally fumigate itself!

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  1. Chick, that is really very cool, Im thinking that it is a "Grandfather" figure or due to the date you said was on it, maybe a father. Either way it is a very good find. Congrats!!!


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