So we bought an underground fence for the dog like 6 months ago and we are yet to train the dog. So today I mustered all the energy I had and put out a few of the flags that Matt took out while mowing, went down to the basement and got Murphy's "necklace" (the collar he has to wear). I slapped that puppy on him and off we went! He was looking all over the place trying to figure out where in the world the beeping was coming from- it was his necklace!
I will not be standing out in the Northwestern Pennsylvania weather while Murphy pussyfoots around the snow covered yard for 20 minutes trying to find the perfect place to go potty.
So twice a day we will be out and about walking around the yard. The next step will be to take off the plastic nodes and replace them with the metal ones, which will shock him if he goes past the white flags.

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