Wacky Wednesday

I have been totally spoiled the last few months. I would wake up at 9 and be at work by 10. Well, in order for me to meet my minimum hours for AmeriCorps I had to re-do my schedule, meaning that I am at work by 8 and work until 4. I realize that one day when I get a real teaching job I will have to be in my classroom a lot earlier than 8 but at least I will feel better about going to work everyday. Lord knows the paycheck will make everything better.

Okay, my tangent is over now, sorry about that! Anyways, I worked 12+ hours yesterday. I left home at 7:40 am and didn't get home until 8:30, so theoretically it was like an 13 hour day. Ugh, I was so exhausted. When I arrived home Matt was painting and Bobby and Becky were on their way over. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love getting company but I was so damn tired that I couldn't make sense of anything... probably even if it meant saving my life.

Well done Erikka, you managed to shove another fork in the story!

Back to the point of the story, I didn't get to bed until 12:45am and had to wake up at 7:00, which meant one more night of GREAT SLEEP... NOT!

I get to work and go about my daily business (I start my day by going to the high school and hanging out in "our office" for an hour then head down the the middle school where I spend the rest of my afternoon).

My first class starts at 10:12 and usually entails 2 or 3 extra students coming and in "hanging out" until right before the late bell rings. This morning they were particularly ferocious- everyone wanted passes to come to my class during 8th period, I had a couple girls asking to use the bathroom, and all the while I'm trying to hustle the group of strays out of my room before the bells rings. Some where in this messy time frame of about, ooo 2 minutes, my phone rings. As I'm walking to answer the phone I'm yelling for the students near the phone to move back and reminding others to keep their voices down. -OOhh and you better believe that I'm still trying to get the strays out-. The person on the phone asks me if she needs to send an ambulance. Now your probably thinking... hmmm... "why would they ask that?". Well, I'll tell you why- someone prank-called 9-1-1 from my classroom phone during the commotion of the strays. Of course we didn't need an ambulance and the dispatcher was really nice, THANK GOD, when I told her that someone {a student} must have dialed it on accident when trying to call out. Of course I knew different and of course "no one did it". I did what any other non-trained person would do- I lugged my small little class of students to the office and waited so I could talk to the VP.

I can only hope that these kids learned a lesson from me going crazy about touching the phone. They now know that even touching the phone will get them an automatic detention from yours truly. I am also finished giving this students so much slack. I honestly feel like I have been taken advantage of and I will not stand for it any longer.

**Note** I do not never refer to any students as a stray(s). I only used this word as a way to make things a little easier to type and understand their involvement in my classroom... which is clearly none.

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