A Wonderful Feel Good Day.

So, today was a really great day. Yesterday I bought some new makeup. I stopped at The Bon Ton after work and found myself sitting at the Clinique counter getting a small makeover. I have always wanted to learn how to do the beloved smokey eye on myself and that was exactly what the sweet consultant did for me. She even told me how mych she loved my eyelashes :) I love getting compliments!! Afterwards, I bought the necessary shades and tools and went on my merry way.
Well, I put myself to the test this morning as I was trying my hardest to put the eyeshadow on the way she showed me. Next I had to do the hard part... the eyeliner. EEK! Well, after a couple of minutes I did it! I was so excited!!
The ultimate test was about to commence... my middle school students. They notice the littlest things, which is sometimes a good things, but they are also very critical about everyone and don't think twice about telling people how they feel. So, how about almost every single kid noticed the new "eye-do". They all complimented me. I was shocked! I thought for sure they would have made fun of me... that's just how they are. After school I had a meeting and I got to share my monthly service project with the other AmeriCorps members.

Side note--- If you have five minutes, head over to www.freerice.com and help earn rice for the World Food Program.

Anyways, we had a fruit platter! It was beyond amazing. I absolutely adore fruit. It had blueberries, grapes, pineapple, strawberries, and cantaloupe. YUM!! Needless to say I stuck around for a while to have some more.
The weather today was beautiful and although I didn't get to enjoy it -at all- it was nice to look out the window and see the bright sun-a-shinnin'!! What a great feeling.

So, that was my great day! Lord knows it doesn't take much to make me happy.

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