Oh no she didn't!

Uhhh... yeah she did!

So today started out as a great day. My new friend at work, Courtney, is an absolute hoot! I love her. I cannot believe I have meet someone as goofy as I am... besides my little sista. We had a blast scrubbing a paint splattered sink in the basement of an old church turned theater. We used this awesome cleaner, known as "Goof Off":

Now, anyone who knows me knows I love to goof off, so it couldn't have been more perfect. We had to wear face masks because this stuff was extremely caustic and probably could burn a holes in anyone's esophagus and/or nose. We wore some latex-free gloves and went to town cleaning the filthy sink. We had a dance party and even pretended to be doctors, saying "stat" after everything. What a good time!

It's been said that all good things must come to an end, and today, they did.

While continuing to goof off today, a ladder ended up falling on my foot causing my whole big toe to rip off. You wouldn't have believed the amount of blood that came spurting out of my poor toe. I spent the evening relaxing with a big white bandage wrapped around my toe.

Yes, that is MY big toe. Yes, it hurts like hell. And no it hasn't stopped bleeding. Freakin aye I'm P.O'ed that I'm such a dummy sometimes.

And as if things couldn't get any more ridiculous, there is officially a group of teenagers performing on America's Got Talent, as I am typing this exact post, hanging off the sides of 2 really tall ladders.

Not the exact performance but very similar to the one that I just saw:

Boy, this sucks.

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