Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

With Ashley Sisk!


This one is from the archives. Wasn't really sure where to go with "night"


The sky was so pretty yesterday. It looked like there were serrations in the sky/clouds.


Although the old camera may not even be a camera (perhaps it's a flash??) I figured it still applied to the prompt. The camera beside it is my old film SLR.


This is the old radio Matt and I got from his late grandfather.


This one speaks for itself!

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  1. This set is genius - I really love your night shot. Perfect for this time of year!

  2. I love this entire set! But in particular....your Brownie camera brought back such great memories for me! Thanks!


  3. Yes, definetly a camera! The first camera of my youth actually (I know...I'm OLD! haha). The knob on the side is where you turn to advance the film to the next frame for each photo. You h old it about waist level and look down into the camera thru the viewfinder for your shot. Where did you get it?


  4. Great series love your night shot

  5. Great Shots! Love the Night Photo! Bery Sharp! The Cheesy photo gabe me a good laugh! Thanks!

  6. Fantastic set, sun is beautiful and your night shot is fantastic!

  7. FUN!!! Your night shot is superb!!!

  8. I love your night shot! and the cheesy photo is genius. Your entire set is very creative.

  9. love the radio image - - new news on AM stations from an old set! And cheesy? Awesome.

  10. Great intepretations! I like the night shot especiall, but of course I am a HUGE football fan!

  11. erikka,

    i wasn't sure how else to contact you - i'm sorry to hear about your sister's loss. i just wanted to pass along some advice for you to help her as she grieves. take it or leave it, but from my experience, a lot of friends/family just plain don't know what to do in these situations so they do nothing. this is the most hurtful even though it's completely unintentional.

    always tell her you're thinking about her - let her know she can call you and just cry. bringing her cookies or wine or anything she likes and just listening is huge. ask her about good memories and stop - even months or years from now, she will still want to talk about memories.

    offer to go to his grave with her - this would be huge. if she wants to go, she probably won't want to ask you to go with her. even if she's hesitant, maybe suggest going. bringing a photo or something that reminds her of a happy times with him or encouraging her to write him a letter would be a good way to get out feelings that she's trying to bottle up.

    whatever you do, don't think she will "heal" from this. always let her know it's ok to still be upset. just keep talking to her, that's all you can do, and you'll be a great sister.

    my thoughts are with you as you help her with this loss. xo erin


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