I turned the Subaru in this past week and leased a new 2012 Jetta SE. I love it! I really wanted a standard since I am coming out of an all wheel drive vehicle. Not to mention, 5 speeds are about 100x's more fun to drive! I used to have a VW New Beetle, bright yellow. When we moved to Northern PA, I had to trade it in because it was about as impractical as a vehicle could get. I loved that car though. It, too, was a standard. I loved driving that zippy little car and I miss it everyday.

I am so excited {and blessed} to be back in a Volkswagen. I love them. They are so nice, and VW thinks of everything when they build their cars.

On another note, it's snowing today. Like, actually snowing. When Matt came home this morning, at the crack of dawn (or lack thereof), there was more snow on the ground than there is now. But nonetheless, snow. It won't be long before we are hitting the slopes every Thursday evening.

I CANNOT wait to ski! I think I'm going to learn how to snowboard this season. I'm strongly considering it, but am hesitant because my brother-in-law broke his tailbone last year after we all tried snowboarding on a {very} rainy ski excursion. Needless to say we only snowboarded for about and hour before we traded them in for skis, something a little more familiar. I will say, for that hour, I rocked the crap out of that snowboard. Hence the reason I feel the urge to learn.

Since I've already written so much, why stop now?

I am excited for my new term at school. Next semester, which starts November 1st, I will be enrolled in: Inclusion & Diversity, Classroom Testing, Classroom Management, and my last liberal arts class- Natural Science (yuck!). It's crazy to think that this time next year I will be student teaching. Whoa. I am so excited to be done with college... finally.

I am loving my new job. I work 2.5 hours every day with a chance of working more if another teacher's aide calls off (i would sub). I am a "Learning Support Aide" My schedule looks like this:
11-12 Kindergarten
12-1 2nd grade
1-1:30 Tutoring children with IEP's

I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy my job so much. I think I'm loving the second grade students. Such a fun age. I will def have to write about the one little girl I have... but I'll save that for another day.

Okay, I need to go clean my neglected house so I will leave you with some photos of the new ride (and one of my Murphy too).

It's only a matter of time until there is a Notre Dame license plate adorning the front.

Yes, I know how to drive a stick. Love it!

This, my loves, is my husband's favorite thing about my car. This is called a "ski hole." Our ski's will be able to go in the trunk(until they release the roof rack in January) and poke out into the back seat. Very cool.

Is he cute or what? He is so excited about the snow! Bless his little puppy heart!

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  1. too funny - I traded in my VW for a subaru this weekend :) I'm a VW gal - started with a jetta and just traded my tiguan which i LOVED. once we're done with the babes, I'll be back in a VW - sadly, our stroller barely fit in the "trunk" of my tiguan so now i have a boat (the outback). they sure are fun though! enjoy yours :)

    so glad you're enjoying your job! and that is one cute shot of your pup :)


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