Shani and Megan

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to capture a proposal. My cousin Shani asked her girlfriend, Megan, to spend the rest of her life with her.

It was the sweetest thing ever.

Due to the cold rainy weather, we had to pry Megan out of the car to get some "Dairy Queen", but we were able to coax her with a Pumpkin milkshake. After a quick snap shot, Shani got down to Megans level, and whipped out a beautiful diamond ring. (Nice choice girl!)
After confessing her love, Shani asked Megan to spend the rest of their lives together. Megan was surprised to say the least and, of course, said yes!


I love you girls... CONGRATS!

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  1. I seriously love this!
    I am so excited that you had the chance to experience this with us and the rest of our lives!
    We love you Eri<3


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