Antique Dukcy!

Matt and I had some time to spare yesterday afternoon, (Murphy was at the groomers) so we decided to stop at a antique shop. I was so excited when I saw this precious pull along duck, but immediately saddened when I saw the price... at $24, this was no cheap duck. We walked out of the store empty handed, only to go back in and purchase a couple of items.

I, of course, got this adorable ducky (for baby Henretta... one day) and Matt got salt-n-pepper shakers shaped as lobsters (not sure why he liked them!!). Anyways, I am super excited about our future child's second purchased toy! haha

Not to mention, the owner told me that it would have sold for about $100+ at an antique auction! She told me I had a great eye. THANKS a lot lady, you made my day!!

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