mushrooms and waiting rooms

It's been another joyful day!! Expect for the fact I came home to Matt telling me that he thought Murphy had licked up some antifreeze.

Great huh?

Which lead me to call the vet. He said that we had to bring him in for precautionary measures and advised me to get Murphy to drink about half a beer in order to keep the body from digesting the possible antifreeze. He, of course, didn't want to drink it. The beer tickled his nose, I think.

We got ready and drove to the vet.

He was seen right away, due to the severity of the situation. I guess it only takes about 8 hours for the antifreeze to enter the bloodstream/kidneys and once this happens, any treatment option is eliminated. Also, please be advised that only a small amount of antifreeze needs to be ingested for it to me EXTREMELY harmful to your animal.

After a brief consultation, I left without him. He is spending the night at the animal hospital and is being treated for antifreeze poisoning via IV... consisting primarily of alcohol, vodka basically. Yes, my friends, my dog is getting {excuse my language} shit faced as I sit here and worry about him and his health.

Murphy is like my child and I would be lost without him. He keeps me company when Matt work afternoon/midnight shift and always greets me with a kiss and cuddle time as soon as I come home from work. He truly is an amazingly awesome (and bad, I might add) dog. He's not quite 2 years old yet and he's become such a great companion for Matt and I.

On the brighter side, I got some cool shots of some pretty awesome mushrooms. I sneaked {yes, sneaked... not snuk} into my neighbors backyard for these, folks. There are some pretty exclusive photos.


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