Christmas Treats

Every year I make/bake a plethora of goodies that I gift to my close friends and family. The mixture usually includes at least 4 different types of cookies, caramel, chocolate covered pretzels and chips (yes, chocolate covered chips... they're rockin')
- don't knock em til you try em!
This year, however, (thanks to my best friend Pinterest) I have decided to scale back on the time I spend in the kitchen. Here is a list of the goodies I plan on making for all of my loved ones!

1.Peppermint Bark.

2 ingredients. White chocolate and mint candies. Easy peasy!

2. Cookies and Cream Bark.

Once again, 2 ingredients! White chocolate chips and Oreos!

3. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.

Though I haven't made these in a few years, they used to be a staple in my families Christmas cookie lineup. One of my all-time-favorites for sure!

4. Rolo Turtles.

These are only 3 ingredients. Rolos, pretzels, and hershey kisses. Chocolate and caramel and salt, enough said!

5. M&M pretzel treats.

Another 3 ingredient treat. M&ms, hershey kisses, and round pretzels. Yummo.

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