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Hello friends!
I don't know if any of you have ever heard of EBates before. I remember seeing a commercial for it once and even cashed a EBates check when I worked at the bank. After signing up and purchasing a few things through their website, I realized that earning free money while getting a discount is easier than ever.

All you do is sign up- put in some info and your account is up and running. When you are ready to buy something, (for example, Target)you would go to Ebates.com and sign in. Then select the Shop All Stores button at the top and find Target. When you click on that it will automatically send you to target.com and you will be on your way to saving AND making money- FOR FREE!!

As a bonus, you will get $5 for everyone that signs up for EBates, and I'm hoping you will sign up and let them know that I sent you! Once you make your first purchase, I will get free money for referring you. Once you see how truly easy it is you can share it with all of your friends and you can be on your way to making money too!
Follow this link to get started:

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