Tragedy Strikes Again.

Dear Taylar,

I thought of you today when I read this.
You have been through so much these past few months, and you have become such an incredible and strong young lady. You give your all at school and at work and it shows. I cannot believe that you are experiencing yet another loss, well actually two losses. You may be wondering why on earth things have been so tough, but please know that your answer will come one day.

I pray God will bless the families of your friends, and keep them close to His heart and take as much sorrow from them as possible. May he bring comfort to those who knew and loved these young men.
May you and your friends remember them and keep them in your hearts from this day forward.

Please remember to drive safely, I know I tell you to slow down and to pay close attention a lot, I do this because I care, not because I want to nag you. Hopefully these young men didn't die in vein. May they set an example for all young {and old} people and teach them the importance of slowing down and being more cautious while on the road.

May you rest in peace,
Sean D. McConnaughey
Dylan Behrendt
Joel Riggleman

I love you with all my heart, Taylar, and pray you will not have to experience another loss for a very long time.

For those of you who didn't know these young man, please say a pray for their families and friends. You can also show your support by joining the prayer chain on facebook. Thanks so much for your kindness.


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  1. Sissy, You are THE best sister in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Honestly, I couldn't ask for another person to be my sister. You know me inside and out. You help me get through the tough times and when I'm down. I wish I wasn't growing up so I wouldn't have to have you worry about me for circumstances such as this, but this will only make me stronger as a person. I love love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you!


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