Today makes day #7

of me being sick, that is. I've been coughing up a lung and the worlds been spinning away. I'm feeling a little better but just when I thought we were going to get a way with a no-snow winter, Father Snow sent a beautiful snow storm our way! So instead of complaining (snow is needed for skiing) I'm going to reminisce of the days I spent in warm Hawaii a few years ago. Here's some photos for your viewing pleasure:

We went S.N.U.B.A. diving at Molokini Island. It was awesome!!

These were taken at Waianapanapa State Park, an awesome black sand beach. It was incredible. What I remember most about (besides the obvious beauty)being there was sharing the most amazing shaved ice with my husband. It was like heaven. I cannot even explain the divine taste of that flavored ice. Ugh.

the pool

the view from our balcony.

Sunset view from our table at dinner

These were photos taken around our hotel(obviously). I cannot believe how beautiful everything is. If I win the lottery, I'm moving to Maui! Period.

A shipwreck in Lahaina

If only we could jet away on another honeymoon... or getbettermoon :) The water is so warm and the sun is just hot enough to make your skin bead a little sweat.

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