Let's Talk Nursery

Matt, along with help from his brother, has been working on the nursery this past week.
We actually started working on it before I found out I was pregnant but didn't get much accomplished. The nursery-to-be is one of the ugliest rooms in my house. The previous owners were apparently color blind because it was horrendous. I mean look at these colors!!

As if the wall color wasn't bad enough, they decided to install the same color of carpet. Over BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors!!! Ugh! Now you're probably thinking, well it could be worse.
You see the blue and white walls? That's actually paint OVER wallpaper! This means we had to peel wallpaper... not a good time!

Grrr. Some people... I tell you what!

As of now this is what the nursery looks like mid-reno:

The blue and orange walls aren't painted, it's the bare cement board.
Interesting how colorful it is :)
Yes, it's still frightening but it's going to be wonderful once Matt is finished.

Here are some details of what's to come:

Woozle Green. It looks kind of gray on here but it's really a soft and relaxing greenish-blue. We really love the idea of painting a blue-green color because it's pretty gender neutral.

I am really undecided about which crib to get, and although I have plenty of time I like to plan ahead :) Here are the two we are considering

Jenny Lind Dream on Me


Renew Crib from JCPenny

Okay, so this my be a long shot since it's $450 but this is without a doubt, the most beautiful glider I have EVER laid eyes on. It's safe to say that this is my dream glider. I have the idea that we can save for it, but we shall see!
you can see the other colors here

Matt and I are going to have a family friend make the baby's dresser. He's a great carpenter and the quality cannot be matched. It may cost a little but more but it's an investment and it will be a piece that will grow with him/her. I want the dresser to be made similar to this one (the long one):
We aren't sure if it will be stained or painted. Once again, we have plenty of time to make up our mind.

Book shelf and changing table
Matt is an excellent carpenter in the making. With each project he gets better and better. I'm so proud of him :)
He will be making the book shelf and the changing table. We haven't decided on the style of bookshelf yet but here is the changing table blueprint/plan:
from Ana White

Well, there you have it. All of my ideas thus far! I cannot wait until the room is painted and ready to be filled up.

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  1. dont forget,meg and i wanna buy the crib sheetings or whatever they are called!


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