11 Week Update and some baby stuff.

how far along? 11 weeks
baby’s size: about the size of a fig
weight gain: I’m pretty sure I have lost another pound or so.
maternity clothes? Yes, however, the size I have are still a little big. Big is better than being too tight.
stretch marks? Nope, too early
sleep? Pretty good lately, thank you God!
best moment this week? Receiving most of my cloth diaper stash. So exciting!
food cravings: Nothing.
gender: I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking girl since I found out.
belly button in or out? In
movement? Too early.
what I miss? Eating and drinking as I choose.
what I'm looking forward to: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat on the 20th.
weekly wisdom: Napping only makes me feel more sick. No naps for this girl.

I did take some photos today but for some reason I cannot bring myself to share them. I know that I'm (theoretically) not getting heavier, because I'm only losing weight, but I feel huge and completely unattractive and gigantic... I'm only 11 weeks! I don't know if it's a combination of not feeling well and being tired or if I'm just being a silly self-conscience. Maybe tomorrow I will have a little more self-esteem.

In other baby-related news, I received a very large portion of my cloth diaper supply this week! It's crazy how excited I am about them. I cannot wait to stick my baby in one of them. Eeek! Here's a glimpse of what I got:

I realized once I got them that the color on the left are much purple-y than gray, like I thought. I mean, it's only a diaper and chances are no one will really see them besides me and Matt so I'm not going to worry if the baby is a boy and has to wear these bad boys :)

I bought this adorable little outfit yesterday at Goodwill for $1.99! I was so excited about it. It looks as if it's brand new! Score.

My sister-in-law, Jamie, gave me this adorable moses basket. Both my niece and nephew slept in it and now our baby will sleep in it.

She and my brother-in-law have offered to give us an incredible amount of baby items and I couldn't be more thankful!

..please ignore the wrinkly curtains. I desperately need to get them dry cleaned..

Lastly, I will leave you with a photo of Murphy :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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