Cloth Daiper Stash is Filled!

Today I submitted my last and final orders for my cloth diapering needs. The absolute only thing that I may have to purchase down the road are inserts/doublers and maybe some liners once baby starts having solid poop.

I already got these items in my order last week:
12 Kissaluv Size 0
13 Newborn Bumgenius
18 OS Bumgenius 4.0
1 Itti Bitti Tuttu

I submitted 3 orders today in efforts to take advantage of as much free items as possible!

At Kelly's Closet I ordered the following:
2 Hanging Planet Wise Wetbags (for the nursery)
5 Thirsties Diaper Covers
3 Snappi's
2 Free OS Diapers

Then at Cottonbabies I got the following:
20 Indian Prefold diapers
5 Hemp Baby Doublers (I will own a total of 6)
2 Small Bummis Wetbags (for the diaper bag)
2 Bottles of Bumgenius Odor Remover
1 Free Swaddle blanket
(I already received 1 free swaddle blanket from my first order and it was an
Aden and Anais blanket... I am very impressed!)

Once again, I have my wonderful Grandpa H (actually Matt's grandpa) to thank for purchasing our baby's entire cloth diaper supply.

So cloth diapering mommas, what do you think? Am I set or do you see something I'm missing?

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