18 week Update

how far along? 18 weeks
baby’s size: about the size of a sweet potato.
weight gain: I had an appointment this past Monday and I haven’t gained nor lost a single pound since my last appointment (4 weeks ago)
maternity clothes? Yeah. They’re much too comfortable to not wear ☺
stretch marks? No.
sleep? I’m up about 3 times every night to pee.
best moment this week? Seeing the baby!
food cravings: A hot fudge brownie sundae with peanuts.
gender: {hopefully} find out really soon!
belly button in or out? In
movement? a little bit here and there.
what I miss? I really cannot think of anything that I miss.
what I'm looking forward to: Finding out the babies sex.

I went to the Doctors office this week because I was experiencing some pretty crazy cramps all weekend. I mean, they felt like menstrual cramps through and through and they lasted all day. After 2 days of cramping I decided it was time to be seen. I was worried that something bad was happening to my sweet little peanut. My midwife's office was able to get us in right away, thankfully. I had to see a OB/GYN, which was okay with me, but I did miss not speaking to my midwife. He performed an internal ultrasound to check my cervix and it looked great, so he said.
Then we got to see our baby.
I was blown away to see how much he/she has grown. I am sitting here trying to fight back tears. I think the moment I saw our precious baby on the screen was the exact moment I REALLY felt pregnant. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely amazing to hear the heartbeat but SEEING your baby is a whole different experience.

After checking up on my goods he asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby and I was so excited to think that I was finally going to know who's growing inside me.

However, the baby had other plans!

That little stinker put his/her hands between their legs and wouldn't let us see the bit and pieces... or lack thereof! I almost died looking at the screen and watching him/her move and then to see the arms/hands go from above his/her head down to between their tiny little legs. It was as if he/she was telling us 'no peeking'!!! It was like finding all your Christmas presents a week before Christmas and not being able to open them. What a teaser!
This baby is already fitting in so well. He/she is a true Henretta!
Good Lord am I blessed.
Here's to hoping that we will have better luck next time!

Here's the one and only picture of the baby from Monday
17 weeks

Have a wonderful weekend!

Grow baby grow!

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