I went shopping (officially) for the first time in a LONG time yesterday. I planned on getting myself a few maternity pieces but after I browsed the selections, I decided against it and instead, I got Clarie a few outfits. I was super excited to find that Bon Ton was having a huge sale on a lot of their Carter's clothes and later found some OshKosh sales. Plus I had a $50 off a $100 dollar purchase coupon!! I was in heaven! Here are some of the outfits/pieces I purchased for her cute lil bum!

to wear with the denim romper & flowered skirt above

for next summer :) to be paired with the doggie onsie
I love this onsie!

Also for next summer!
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  1. Those little skirts, and the little jean romper are probably the cutest things I have ever seen! :) Sounds like you got some great deals!

  2. I know! I almost died when I saw them! I think my checking account (and husband) are thankful for my ability to spot and shop a good deal. It's the only way I will shop!

  3. I love all of Claire's new clothes! She is going to be so adorable in them! :)


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