Week 24!

how far along? 24 weeks!
Claire’s size: around 1 pound 4 ounces… about the size of an ear of corn
weight gain: Up 4 pounds since my last visit.
maternity clothes? Bottoms- absolutely, though my tops still fit fine.
stretch marks? Yes, 3. GRRR!
sleep? Not too bad.
best moment this week? Ordering textiles for her room
food cravings: I cannot get enough chocolate. There goes my healthy weight gain goal!
gender: Girl!
belly button in or out? In, though it’s starting to flatten out!
movement? Absolutely!
what I miss?  Being comfortable.
what I'm looking forward to: Enjoying the rest of this pregnancy and letting lil miss Claire grow and of course, decorating her nursery!

24 weeks is considered ‘viability week’. As of this week, medical staff would assist baby Claire if she decided to make a VERY early appearance. Her chance of survival is significantly higher than it was last week. It’s amazing how 1 week could make such a huge difference.

This week was a busy week. We planted six trees and finally filled the flower boxes that Matt built a couple of weeks ago. Matt refers to the trees as Claire’s trees.  

 I’m excited to see these trees grow along with baby girl. In the spring the trees will get beautiful white blossoms. Here’s a photo {I took it last year} of the flowers on my mother’s tree
I ordered 2 changing pad covers and curtains for her room today. I also spray painted some old picture frames that I picked up from Goodwill. My fourth graders had a mini-shower for me on Thursday. I couldn’t believe how sweet those kids were! I got a homemade blanket, 2 bibs, Claire’s first baby doll (it’s about 6 inches and plush), a gift card to a local coffee shop, a candle, and some hand sanitizer! 
How generous and thoughtful could these kids be?!
Made for baby girl by a 4th grade boy :)
The teacher I assist gave me a really sweet card and included a $25 gift card to Babies-R-Us. She wrote some really kind words inside. Once again, too kind! I’m truly blessed to work in such a caring environment.

Matt and I bought a really awesome a/c unit for the living room. I mean this thing is badass! We call it R2. I don’t think I will have to worry about being miserably hot this summer. My last day of work was Thursday so I can spend my days doing light cleaning, cooking, schoolwork, and preparing for Claire. If I get too hot, I’ll just sit down and take a load off! Easy enough, right?

My best friend gifted me a Baby Bullet and Steamer. I think it's going to be great for making Claire's food/meals. I am still researching baby lead weaning, something Erin at Growing A Foosa is a big advocate for. Good thing I still have plenty of time to decide. 
Either way, I know that processed/ jarred food is out of the question for this little one! 

Despite what critics may say, I am going to cloth diaper, breastfeed, and most likely make my own baby food. IT IS possible and I'll make sure that I do everything in my power to do everything/anything necessary to help Claire start off on a healthy foot. If that means giving up 25 minutes of 'me time' then, by all means, I'm going to do it. Period.

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  1. You go, girl! I plan on doing all three: cloth diapers, breastfeeding & making my own food. There's just something so rewarding and gratifying to say you can do it!

  2. Great! We can be each others cheerleaders :)
    I'm tired of people telling me that "it won't last long" when I talk about CD and making baby food.


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