Bedding Order has been placed!

I had an idea of what I wanted for Claire's bedding but hadn't really discussed it with Matt. I really loved the idea of some fun/funky sheets but Matt didn't agree. So I decided to get something a little more refined and conservative.  It took a while to find something we both agreed on.

After getting his approval, we ordered the following for her crib! Needless to say, I was super pumped to order it and I'm even more excited to have them delivered. Now I'll just have to wait for the crib and we'll be set in the bedding department.

Lana sheet from Pottery Barn
Meredith sheet in Purple from Pottery Barn
Emerson crib skirt from Pottery Barn
Breathable Baby Liner/Bumper from Pottery Barn

I got the sheets on sale but splurged on the crib skirt. I really loved it and since I am always such a conscience shopper, I decided it was okay. I also struggled with the idea of a bumper since I found out I was going to be a mamma. They are considered a major safety hazard and although they are absolutely darling, I decided cuteness shouldn't even be considered when it comes to my child's safety and well-being. Therefore, I decided to purchase a breathable liner. This will keep Claire's arms and legs safe without posing a suffocation hazard.

I also completed her monogram this week. It's darling! I will share it will you later, because I have to leave something surprising for her final nursery reveal in a couple of months. My goal is to have it completed by our annual picnic, which is July 28th. A couple of weeks after my shower. Good thing today was my last day of work for the summer!! Waahoo!

Ohh yeah, daddy and I went on a shopping spree at Old Navy the other day! This little one is going to have lots of clothes :)

Tomorrow will be my 24 week update, as well as a doctors appointment. Hopefully Mamma and baby Claire are as healthy as can be! Have a fabulous week (what's left of it). I'll be back tomorrow!

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