28 weeks

how far along? 28 weeks!
Claire’s size: about 2.25 pounds… about the size of a Chinese cabbage           
weight gain: forgot to ask :)
maternity clothes? Of course
stretch marks? 3
sleep? I'm back to tossing and turning and moving to the couch every.single.night
best moment this week? Scratching off some of the things on my to-do list for Claire’s nursery.
food cravings: fruit- more grapes, apples, and watermelon.
gender: Girl!
belly button in or out? In, though it’s starting to flatten out!
movement? Oh yes. Lots :)
what I miss?  Nothing this week.
what I'm looking forward to: Enjoying the rest of this pregnancy and letting lil miss Claire grow and of course, decorating her nursery!

The weeks are flying by and I feel like they are only starting to go by faster each week. This week I was able to scratch a couple of things off of my nursery to-do list. The bookrack was delivered (again) and this time it wasn’t damaged! Hooray! Matt hung it up and I filled it with books. It looks great! I need to work on something to hang above it, something along the lines of a frame with “read to me” in it. I also got the footstool reupholstered. It looks good, but you can def. tell Matt and I know NOTHING about reupholstering! Jamie, my wonderful sister-in-law, got Claire a bumbo yesterday. She found a pink one (how perfect?!) at a yard sale and paid $2 for it! Seriously, TWO DOLLARS! It even came with a tray! I couldn’t believe it when she told me. I have been watching local ads and classifieds and even ebay for a used bumbo but couldn’t find one for less than $25- in my opinion, for that price, I might as well buy a brand new one. One more thing I can remove from my registry!

footstool & $2 bumbo
bought this a couple weeks ago! looove it!

Matt and I signed up for a childbirth class this past week. It’s in a couple of weeks, and although I feel like it won’t be very informational in regards to natural birthing, I do think it will give Matt a good understanding of what to expect. I am hoping this will eliminate any nerves he may have encountered on the big day and therefore he’ll be able to be a much stronger support for me during my labor. It should, at least, give him a general understanding of how things will {hopefully} work and progress in my body. Ohh and I found a good article here! Read it if you are considering a natural birth.

We have been taking Murphy for long walks in the woods. It’s been so nice to be able to get out and work out any stressors that may have bothered me. I’ve also started a light exercise/stretching routine into my day. My goal is to do my stretches and walks every other day (on the same day), and on the opposite days, walk on my elliptical for 10-15 minutes. I’m trying to prepare myself for labor as best as possible ;)

I finished my birth plan today. I feel very confident that my midwife will be present during my whole labor- she said she would be there for the whole thing unless something came up very last minute. We discussed writing one at my last appointment and she encouraged me to write one up, just in case. While reading some sample ones, I came across a lot of procedures that are very commonplace, but unnecessary, and therefore, gave me something to read into further. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it 10 more times- educate yourself regarding what procedures are done to your baby once he/she is born. Most of them are done but aren't even medically necessary. For those who want to read over it you can find it below. If not that's okay too! Either way have a beautiful Sunday!

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Full Name: Erikka                                                 Due Date: September 21, 2012
Husband: Matthew                                                Provider: Jennifer Lastname, CNM
Address: Lovers Lane                                                Hospital:
             City, ST Zip

Birth Plan

Before Labor Begins:
·      I trust that my practitioner will seek out my opinion concerning all of the issues directly affecting my birth before deviating from my plan.
·      As long as the baby and I are healthy, I would like to have no time restrictions on the length of my pregnancy.
·      If I go past my due date and the baby and I are fine, I prefer to go into labor naturally rather than be induced.
·      I prefer to not have any vaginal exams done during weekly appointments.

·      If induction becomes necessary, I would like to try natural induction techniques first (with the guidance of Jennifer).
·      I would like to try the following techniques to naturally induce labor:
o   Breast stimulation, walking, & anything else Jennifer may suggest.

·      I prefer to have my husband present at all times.
·      I give consent for Toni Henretta and Lynn Peace to be present during 2nd stage labor and delivery, if possible. Family may be present at beginning of labor, if appropriate.
·      I would prefer to have a birthing ball, birthing tub, shower, and other equipment to be available during labor.

Pain Relief:
·      Please do not offer me pain medication; if I want it, I will request it.

·      I would prefer to be intermittently monitored to allow for as much mobility as possible.
·      If I need an IV, I prefer to use/have a Hep-lock.

Second Stage Labor:
·      As long as baby and I are healthy, I prefer to have no time limits on pushing.
·      I prefer to not have any internal vaginal exams during labor, if possible, until I have the urge to push.
·      I would like to be encouraged to try the following positions:
o   Squatting, on the toilet, hands and knees, standing upright, whatever feels right, whatever Jennifer/nurses may suggest.
·      I would prefer to tear, please do not perform an episiotomy, unless medically necessary.
·      To help prevent tearing, please try the following:
o   apply hot compress and/or oil, perineal massage, encourage me to breath properly for slower crowning.

·      I would prefer to push instinctively, but would appreciate encouragement.
·      Please use local anesthetic for repairs, if applicable.
·      After baby is born, please place her on my abdoment/chest for skin-to-skin contact.
·      If baby is healthy, please do not separate baby and I until she has had the chance to nurse.

Third Stage Labor:
·      I prefer my husband cuts the cord, but only after it has stopped pulsating, or at least until it has pulsated for 3 minutes.
·      Unless extenuating circumstances arise, I would prefer that the placenta to be born spontaneously without the use of pitocin.

Newborn Procedures:
·      If the baby has any problems, I would like my husband to be present with the baby at all times, if possible.
·      I would like to have routine newborn procedures delayed until bonding and breastfeeding have occurred.
·      Please do not administer eye drops to my baby, I am willing to sign a formal waiver if need be.
·      Please do not administer vitamin K to my baby, I am willing to sign a formal waiver if need be.
·      Immunize the baby according to normal procedures.
·      Please bathe my baby after we have had time to bond.
·      Please do routine PKU Testing after 24 hours
·      My baby is to be exclusively breastfed.
·      I would like to see a lactation consultant as soon as possible for further recommendations and guidance.
·      Please do not offer my baby pacifiers, sugar water, artificial nipples/bottles, or formula.
·      If my baby is in jeopardy, I would prefer:
o   to be transported with her, if possible.
o   my husband to go with her, if possible
o   to breastfeed or express milk for her
o   to have as much bodily contact as possible
·      I would prefer to have her in my room at all times, and accompany her for any newborn procedures done elsewhere, if possible.

·      I prefer to not have a cesarean, unless it is medically necessary for the health of my baby or me.
·      I prefer to have a hand free to touch baby once she is born.
·      If my baby is healthy, I would like to be able to nurse her as soon as I arrive in recovery.

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