Business of Being Born

As you all know, I've become somewhat of an advocate for natural birthing. I haven't had the chance to overcome this feat, but in a couple of months I will {hopefully} have the opportunity. I watched this documentary a couple of years ago and I found it today on youtube for your viewing pleasure. I watched it again today and became even more knowledgeable and empowered to make this desire come to fruition. It's called 'The Business of Being Born' and it follows midwives of NYC and their patients. They interview medical specialists, some Pro-Midwifery (& at-home-births) and some that feel very strongly against midwives and home births. I, apparently, will not be having a home birth, but that doesn't mean that I (or you) cannot experience a lot of the same aspects. Here's the link to the documentary if you want to watch it on youtube, or you can see it here.

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