my CVS trip

I went to CVS today to buy some laundry detergent as they were having a massive sale. I kinda felt like one of those crazy women from TLC's Extreme Couponer, except I didn't use any coupons and I had to spend more than $3 for my goods. There I was, strolling through the isles with 6 jugs of laundry detergent in my itty-bitty, teeny-tiny drug store cart, when I came to the baby items. The isle was filled with different scented lotions/washes, baby powders, formulas, extremely overpriced pacifiers ($6+ for a two pack of Avent Soothies-WOW!), baby wipes, and at last the plethora of disposable diapers.

I bought some lotion, wash, powder, and oil. These are all things I know I will be using. I mean, who doesn't love a great smelling baby?! I know I sure do. But then I added something to my cart that I thought I didn't want to have anything to do with- disposable diapers and wipes. GASP!

As you know, I am going to cloth diaper lil babe Claire, but I never actually considered using disposables at all. However, I cannot help but think that they may come in handy in the early days of Claire's life. I figure that once I polish off the pack I bought today, I will move into cloth. At least this way we can get through those few days of sticky, black, tarry meconium poops without staining her pretty little dipes. Once we're done with dipes, we'll use the wipes for wiping her face, cleaning up baby puke, and anything else we may need them for, and when they're done we'll be on 100% cloth wipes. While we are on the subject, I cannot believe how incredibly expensive those damn things are! I spent almost $20 on 1 pack of diapers (36 NB size) and 1 container of wipes. Holy smokes!!

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  1. Baby stuff in general is crazy expensive. I went to register today at Babies-R-Us and I feel so bad about all the prices. I tried to pick the cheaper things for my family to buy. It's crazy how expensive diapers are especially. I hear buying them montly on Amazon is the way to go. P.S- Claire is such a beautiful name!

    1. It certainly is! I will share a secret with you... check and see if there are any Once Upon A Child stores in your area. They sell very gently used clothes and buy your baby clothes from you when you are done with them. You wouldn't believe the things I've purchased there.
      Good to know, but I actually have a huge stockpile of cloth diapers so I won't be buying anymore disposables... thank goodness because I think I would go broke!
      Thanks! We are pretty much in love with it, hence the reason we are naming her that :)

  2. I can't believe you spent $20 on diapers! ACCCK! ;) I think it was a good idea to get a package though. I am not cloth diapering but I have known several people who have and it seems like in the early days disposables always come in handy. So now you at least have them as a back up if needed!
    As far as going broke to buy diapers, you practically could! I am a major diaper bargain hunter and stock up a ton when I see a good sale. Especially because they are harder to come by these days! But hopefully soon Tyler will be done with diapers and we won't have 2 in diapers for too long! :)

    1. I know!! Ekk! haha I am a bargain hunter too... that was the whole reason I went into CVS in the first place. I need to stick to walmart for all my essentials, that's for sure (unless they are on sale)!


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