29 weeks

how far along? 29 weeks!
Claire’s size: about 2.5 pounds, the size of a butternut squash & 15 inches long           
weight gain: 1 pound.
maternity clothes? Of course!
stretch marks? 3
sleep? Miserable.
best moment this week? Going to the zoo with Matt’s brother’s family
food cravings: none, really.
gender: Girl!
belly button in or out? In, though it’s starting to flatten out!
movement? Tons!
what I miss?  Sleep.
what I'm looking forward to: My baby shower on Sunday :)

This week has been the hottest thus far. I have been doing everything possible to stay cool. This means not leaving the house! I pretty much clean everyday and then relax until it’s time to cook supper and then relax the rest of the evening. Cooking in my kitchen is becoming somewhat of a small feat. I just get too hot and then have to sit in front of the a/c for 5 minutes with a cold pack on the back of my neck to cool down enough to even be able to eat.

Blah. I’m officially over summer.

Claire and I went to an appointment this past Friday. Her heartbeat sounds great and I’m only measuring 1 week ahead, instead of two. Hooray!! We went over my birth plan and discussed it in depth. She assured me that I wasn’t asking for anything overzealous and everything looked great.  She told me that in the ever-so-slight chance she’s not there (at the birth), the doc’s she works with are very understanding of her patients and their birthing preferences. Thank goodness!

Jenny Lind
Britax B-Safe
 A big thanks to my mother-in-law who purchased our car seat and an extra base this week! It should be here at the end of the week and I cannot wait to have it in my house… let alone install it in my car in a few short weeks. EEEk! Another big thanks to my mamma who ordered the crib yesterday! Two of the biggest, most important purchases have been made and it makes everything seem so much more real. Wow.

I saw a woman at the grocery store with a sweet, little baby sitting in his car seat -- on top of the grocery cart (gasp!). I heard her tell the lady at the deli that he was 3 months. Oh my goodness gracious, he was as adorable as they come. He was smiling and cooing at his mamma, my heart melted. Jeez, I cannot wait to for Claire to get here!!!

Well, I’m off to pick up my house! We’ll be heading to the home improvement store to look at some siding. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Looking great, Mama! I'm sure it's getting super real for you after buying the "big" items! :)

    1. It is! I can't believe it. I mean, in all actuality, she could come in the next few weeks (though I don't want her to- she needs to bake some more!) and now we'll be ready if she does.

  2. Erikka, you look so amazing! I can hardly believe it's getting so close to Claire's arrival! We have the Jenny Lind crib in Madelyn's nursery, and it is perfect! I think you'll love it even more once it arrives, and you see it in person!

    1. Thanks Jamie. I'm starting to hate my 'weekly photo'. I feel like my adorable little bump has turned into a blob. So your compliment means a lot! Either way it pays to be pregnant ;)

      I'm sure I will!! I loved the Jenny Lind crib since the moment I laid eyes on it but thought it was too girly for a boy so we originally picked a differ one. I'm glad we waited and got the one we did. They are so classic and pretty!

  3. Hi Erikka. Thanks for stopping by. Loving your blog already and will be a follower. You look so cute with your bump and you definitely have that glow. That's so nice your mom and MIL bought your car seat and crib! Those are definitely nice things to not have to worry about purchasing. I am till looking for which ones I want.

    1. I'm glad you came over! Welcome :) Thanks for following too. You're to sweet- thanks! I spent a lot of time mulling over cribs, car seats, and bedding so I'm no stranger to "still looking". You have lots of time! Have fun choosing.


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