39 weeks!

how far along? 39 weeks- when is she coming out!?
Claire’s size: roughly 7 pounds, the size of a mini watermelon & over 20 inches long           
weight gain: up 7 pounds from last week... (see below)
maternity clothes? Of course!  
stretch marks? let’s not talk about that. mmm kay, thanks!
sleep? it’s been great up until Matty’s accident a week or so ago.
best moment this week? Matt’s surgery and recovery going smoothly and Claire staying put!
food cravings: nothing.
gender: Girl!
belly button in or out? not out yet, but something goofy is def. going on!
movement? generally speaking she’s very quiet- very slow movement, though VERY strong and sometime painful. Every once in a while she becomes a WILD WOMAN in there and goes absolutely nuts. Last night was craaaazy!
what I miss?  nothing, really.
what I'm looking forward to: Claire’s arrival… any day now!

Sooo i gained 7 pounds in a week. good news is that i lost 3 pounds the week before.  
i am so incredibly ready to push this baby out. discomfort is my new best friend.
matt's doing better. he started physical therapy today and everyday is a better day. praise the lord. 
i'm off to do some more resting! i'll leave you with a photo of the pup!
he's been such a good puppy!
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  1. YAY! almost there :) me too! tell me - howd you get that cool photo collage at the top of your blog??

    1. I know... but it seems like I'm never going to have this baby ;)
      I made it using Picasa. Here's the link to the tutorial I used. Good luck :)


    2. thanks! good luck to you :)

  2. So soon! How exciting!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad that Matt is recovering well! I can't wait for Claire to get here!!! I love Murphy! :)


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