A sweet goodbye.

 We said goodbye to 2012 last night and as happy as I am that we get to start all over in a new year, I'm sad 2012 is over. Yes, last year brought much heartache, but it also gave me the most precious gift ever.

Here's a look back:

January 1st we celebrated 2012
January 10 we found out we were pregnant!
January 18 had bleeding, thought I miscarried
January 20 baby's healthy :)
 February we decided to cloth diaper & started on the nursery

March 20th heard baby's heartbeat- 160 bpm furthers my suspicion of a baby girl

April I celebrated my 25th birthday

May 1st we found out that my suspicions were correct- We're having a baby GIRL!
July we went to the zoo & I was in & out of the hospital twice for kidney stones/renal colic (not fun).

August 18th Matt and I celebrated our 5th anniversary

September 6th Matt feel and broke his elbow
September 10 first surgery- 11 hours long!
September 21 I was full term, had my membranes stripped in hopes of inducing labor naturally
September 25 went for my ultrasound to check fluid level- it was low and I was induced
September 26 my beautiful Claire Marie was born
September 28 we came home from the hospital

October 9 Matt undergoes his second replacement surgery
October 31 Claire celebrated her first Halloween

November my great grandmother passed away
November Claire celebrated her first Thanksgiving

December I got Instragram (& am instantly addicted)
December 10 I went back to work :(
December 25 Claire's first Christmas
December 31 Claire's first New Years Eve
Happy New Years to you and your family. May it bring you so much happiness and good memories!

Things we are looking forward to:

Claire sitting up, learning to sign, saying her first word, crawling, & walking.
I'm also excited to feed her "big girl" foods and hopefully celebrating Notre Dame's win in the BCS Championship Game.
I can't wait to take her for long walks and teach her about everything I know.
I can't wait to watch her grow.

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  1. I didn't realize our little girls are a day apart! Claire was born on Liv's due date. How cool :) I was a little sad to see 2012 go as well... It was a year filled with baby excitement since we found out we were having a baby on jan 18! 2013 will be filled with exciting firsts! Cheers!

    1. Hooray! I guess I didn't realize that Liv and Claire were so close! How neat :)
      Happy New Year!


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