lover face!

In preparation of the arrival of my Photoshop software & reflector I thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot with Claire (sans 'equipment'). Not to mention she's 17 weeks old today!! She's been so much fun to photograph these past few weeks due to her new abilities- sitting in her bumbo (by herself), pushig herself up while on her tummy, and munchin' on her tootsies!

While I realize these are not perfect, they are a stepping stone to better images that are to come. I try not to pass the blame, but I really think my camera needs calibrated because the photos aren't coming out as sharp as I think they should- focus is rather blurry instead. Oh well! One day I'll buy a new camera, but for now the one I have will suffice. Also, I'm {clearly} not a pro but added the "eah photography" watermark for safety reasons :)

She was getting tired so she's not very excited or smiley, but this mood is just as fun to capture. Here is Claire in all her drooly glory! Teethe much baby girl?

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