Claire has been chit chatting for a few days now and loves to say the syllables ma-ma! I know she's not  talking about me but at least she's saying my name in my mind ;) I say mama a lot in the video for 2 reasons, the first one being that I want her to recognize that it is a word and 2. because we are teaching her sign language and after she says it I say it again and show her the sign. She most likely will not start signing back until she's about 7 months, but here's to an early start in hopes she'll learn faster :}

Here are a couple of videos of her chit-chatty adorableness!


  1. oh my gosh could she be any CUTER???????? Warmed my heart!!!

  2. Thanks Jaim! I can't watch these videos without getting teary-eyed! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed and how much she's learned to do in the past 3 weeks. She went from being a teeny, tiny baby to a wriggly, giggly, busy body! I just love it :)


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