Fav Instagram snapshots!

Eat your heart out on some pictures of the lil miss!
If you already follow me, you've already seen these, but if not follow me now @ henretta07
Here goes!!


  1. Erikka she is so darn cute! And for real, is she standing up by herself in the first picture?

    1. No! I have a hold of her hand. I mean she's standing up by herself technically because she's using all her strength but I've got a grasp on her fingers so she doesn't fall :)

      Thanks Kate!

    2. She has some strong little legs! She's going to be running before you know it! ;)

    3. I know! I stood her up again in the same spot today and wrapped her fingers around the rail. And let go. She stood for 7 seconds before she started to wobble. I did it again and she did the same thing. She blows my mind sometimes. Perhaps I make a bigger deal than it really is because she's my first, but that's okay... right? :)

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    1. Anonymous3/08/2013

      hey its dest just wanna say i miss you and she is sooo pretty!


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